Business Cyber

Protecting companies from global cyber threats with best-in-class pre-breach services and AI-powered threat management and response.
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Carrier Services

Mitigating risk, shaping policyholder behavior and enhancing profitability with AI, loss control technology, and pre-claim cyber services.
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Family Cyber

Safeguarding families from cyber threats with intuitive 24/7 protection, detection, response and recovery services.
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Cyber Made Simple with 24/7 Protection, Response & Recovery Services


No new tools to manage and no technical knowledge required.Just plain-English alerts with a clear and intuitive dashboard and expert help whenever required.
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You need to know about a cyber incident as soon as it occurs. We can start working on it right away before it has a chance to cause long-lasting and possibly terminal damage.
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Our 24/7 Cyber Advocates provide world class cyber protection, response and recovery services. Quickly recover and minimize financial & reputational damage and business disruption.
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About us

Our philosophy and leadership

We provide leading-edge cyber services for businesses, insurance carriers and families around the world.
We integrate our exceptional cyber remediation and recovery services with proprietary AI-fueled cyber technology to enable our clients to better protect, respond and recover from cyberattacks and threats.
Our founding partners created the cyber resolution services category over 20 years ago and have provided protection and recovery services for over 17 million households and 3 million businesses worldwide. Our Cyber Advocates have worked thousands of cyber breaches and attacks, acquiring unsurpassed experience in enabling our clients to respond and recover.
We constantly leverage client feedback, behavioral and global threat management data and advanced data analytics to refine and improve our capabilities. This includes over 40 segment-specific cyber service programs spanning banking, healthcare, legal services, municipalities, life sciences, transportation, energy, construction, media and hospitality.
We make cyber simple for our clients, personalizing the experience and doing the heavy lifting, so businesses and families can quickly return to normal.


Latest news and videos

Leading claimant firm hit in latest 'targeted cyber campaign' | Law Gazette

Video Library

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What is happening in cyber

It’s Called Shadow IT For A Reason

Shadow IT has been around for decades. But the changes in technology to SaaS and AI systems combined with the increasing ability of cyber attackers to penetrate systems has added to the risk of Shadow IT. This Insight looks at it and suggests some possible ways forward. 


Shadow IT = Big Risks

BlastRADIUS bug puts most networking devices at risk

The Radius networking protocol has been a standard since 1997. A serious vulnerability has been discovered that affects virtually every router, switch, access point, and VPN concentrator from 1997 to today. This article provides work arounds to keep you safer.  


All networking devices at risk

New Phishing Platform Targets Microsoft 365 Accounts at Financial Firms

A new phishing attack is focusing on financial services firms in the Americas and EMEA. The specific focus is banks, private funding, and servicers of credit unions. 

The attack is by phishing emails that among other things go to fake Microsoft 365 authentication pages. 


M365 a target again

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